SOMA Magazine February/March 2017 : Page 35

Bit of a risk taker. Often gambles that the future will work itself out just ne, and goes forth… Sees the big picture, but is not oblivi-ous to details. This is more a matter of choice. Sees details, but often chooses not to pay all that much attention to them, especially when planning. Tends to function well in society. Some of this is due to early training, but some of it is an innate kindness which appears as good manners and a desire to get along. Loves deeply, but there are shad-ows. More than one deep love at di erent times in life, each time equally strong. Kind and civilized. Will take care not to “be a bother” to others. Really, really good money karma. Pretty much always had enough mon-ey growing up, so there is a deep belief that there is always enough money around, even when there occasionally isn’t. So, not much focus on the pursuit of wealth. There are more interesting A good, long life, lived with deep intensity. things in life to chase. A collector of sorts. Tends to hang on to things and people way The world is so big, with so many possibilities...if only there was time to do it all! past their “use by” date. A love of travel, with many Despite the wanderlust, there is also need for a home. A quiet place one goes to collect oneself, and recharge one’s energy. A place to create and build on the inspiration of experiences. Bit of a short temper here. It causes problems from time to time. journeys to foreign lands throughout life. 35

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