SOMA Magazine February/March 2017 : Page 46

“Sometimes things come naturally, and sometimes you spend months researching, until something feels right; every project is different,” the designer states. In the world Philippe has created for himself, his work can be both liberating and limiting, espe-cially when working on a project for a client. The client doesn’t always have a clear direction and just asks Philippe and his team to create something. In this case, the team has to fully under-stand the client’s vision, get inside his or her head, and mix the client’s desires with their own skills, talents, and ideas. You might think organization and precision would be 46 paramount in design. Philippe says his home is quite neat and organized, but his studio is a controlled chaos. Some projects can be all-consuming, and when working with so many different materials and tools and with such intricacies, the team makes a conscious effort to keep the space clean, and uses this time for reflection. With new projects, plans, and the bigger picture always on the horizon -all while simultaneously strengthen-ing past projects -Malouin must have some serious inspiration to keep him motivated. According to Malouin, it’s simply “not design at all; everything but.”

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